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Flounder Meuniere with Fennel Salad

Updated: May 31, 2022


2 - Whole Flounder

1 - Fennel

2 tbsp - Cappers

1 - Lemon (segmented & diced)

80g - Butter (cubed)

½ bunch - Parsley (chopped)



1. Begin by preparing the flounder, to do this you will need a pair of kitchen scissors. Trim the outside fins and the fins on either side of the fish then cut the tail down (this will help you fit it in a pan). Next you will need to remove the gills, insert you finger in the gill cavity and make a cut on both sides, then cut the base of the gills and remove. Lightly score the top side of the fish making sure not to cut too deep into the flesh.

2. We can now move on to the fennel salad. Start by filling a salad spinner or a bowl with cold water. Then cutting off the fennel’s green tops and pick the green fronds into the water. Cut the bulb in half and slice thinly (this step is a lot easier if you have a mandolin) into the cold water allow to sit for 5mins then spin dry.

3. Let’s move onto the cooking. Put a large pan on high heat and allow it to come up to temperature. Season the fish with salt and add some cooking oil to the pan, lay the fish top side down and allow to cook for 4-6mins, turn the pan to medium heat and flip and cook for another 4-6mins, add a couple cubes of butter at the end and baste.

4. For the sauce, put small pot on high heat and add remaining butter cook until golden nut brown, add the cappers and cook for 2mins, turn off heat and add the segmented diced lemon and lots of fresh chopped parsley and stir.

5. To plate lay the fish topside up and dress with the sauce and place a nice amount of fennel salad next to it and enjoy.

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