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Our Story

Our Inspiration came after catching up with a local fisherman friend. We discussed all the amazing seafood New Zealand has to offer, yet how it is still hard to come across truly great Fish & Chips in Auckland and not just the "same old takeaways".

We took our passion for seafood and years of cooking and hospitality experience, to create something different: an amazing seafood inspired food truck – ‘Catch'ya Cookout’.

We deliver the freshest, locally caught seafood, taking a wide variety of what NZ has to offer to create food that will inspire your taste buds.

Sustainability of our ocean and planet is critical to us. It's a value that we hold dearly from the fish we use, to the packaging we serve it in - letting you enjoy your yummy fish guilt free.

So hopefully, we'll catch'ya around. 😀

Point of Difference

One of our key brand differentiators is to promote sustainable fishing practices and use only locally sourced seafood, and we mean it!
We combine our core values of sustainability, high-quality ingredients, and expert cooking techniques to provide a true ocean street food experience. Through quality produce, great food, education, and recipe tips, we can engage with our customers and highlight what it means to be a sustainable seafood business in New Zealand.


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Luke Gardiner


Luke is a New Zealand chef with 10 years' experience in modern European cuisine. Over his career, Luke has worked both in New Zealand and overseas, with the privilege of learning from some of the world's most recognised chefs.

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Mitin Wong


Mitin has over six years' experience in design, project management, and sales consulting. She is a passionate food lover who enjoys travelling and the tastes of the world. She has a true excitement for hospitality and loves to share good food with people.

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